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An Official Look at the Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter Bundle

An Official Look at the Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter Bundle

An Official Look at⁢ the Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter Bundle

Rainbow Six Siege and Street Fighter fans alike have been ⁤eagerly awaiting the details on the new Street Fighter bundle that is coming‍ to the game. The new content is loaded with customizations⁣ inspired by the classic fighting ‌game franchise, including headgear, armors,⁢ skins, charms, ‍victory poses, and more. Here is⁢ all the latest information ⁢on what is ⁢included in the Street Fighter bundle.


The bundle will come with five custom Street Fighter armors,⁤ one each for Five, Maverick, Vigil, Clash, and Mozzie. Each armor is designed to attribute one ‍of the classic ‌Street Fighter characters, and each one comes with matching color schemes. Fans of Street‍ Fighter will instantly recognize Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, Zangief, and M. Bison represented.


The bundle also comes with five ‌Street Fighter themed headgears, and each one‍ is designed after a classic Street Fighter character. The headgears come in ‌the form of berets, camouflage helmets, similar to the ones the operative Amaru uses in the game. All of the headgear comes with exclusive colors and patterns that represent the classic⁣ Street Fighter characters.

Charms & Victory Poses

The bundle‌ also includes four exclusive Street Fighter ‌charms and ‍four matching victory poses. The charms and ⁤victory poses are based on Ryu, Chun-Li, Akuma, and Zangief. Fans of the classic fighting game franchise will ⁤instantly recognize the iconic characters ​represented in the new items.


The bundle features five exclusive character skins. ‌The skins are ​all based on the classic Street Fighter characters, and the designs will instantly be recognizable by fans of⁤ the fighting game franchise. ‍Each skin comes with its own unique design, and each one is designed to represent the Street Fighter character in question.


The Rainbow Six Siege Street Fighter bundle is sure to ⁤be a hit with fans of both⁤ franchises. It comes loaded with customizations inspired by the classic fighting game franchise, making it perfect for fans‌ of both titles. The bundle will be available for purchase soon, so⁤ be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest information.


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