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DayZ Sniper Gets Creative in Epic Hunt for Prey

DayZ Sniper Gets Creative in Epic Hunt for Prey

DayZ players of all stripes have had their share of interesting and creative kills, but one sniper’s recent kill has taken the creativity prize.

The sniper, who remains anonymous, was on the hunt for prey when they decided to get creative and use a little-known exploit of the game’s physics engine to take out their target.

The exploit requires the sniper to set up a very specific position in relation to the target. From their vantage point, the sniper set up a high-powered rifle and began taking careful note of their target’s movements in order to quickly get off a good shot.

But here’s where the creativity comes in: the sniper opted to shoot through a wall in order to take out their target. The tactic is a daring one that few players are willing to attempt, as it’s unpredictable and can easily fail due to the player’s aim or the target’s sudden movements.

The move worked out for this sniper, however. After taking their time and taking careful aim, the sniper fired and successfully managed to take out the target in one shot.

DayZ players have been applauding the sniper’s effort, with many calling the feat one of the most creative kills ever seen in the game.


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