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Fortnite Item Store Leak Revealed for July 7, 2023

Fortnite Item Store Leak Revealed for July 7, 2023

Based on leaks obtained by Top Spy Magazine, a new Fortnite Item Store is scheduled for release on July 7th, 2023 that will include both new and previously released items. The leak indicated that the store will contain two sets of skins, a set of emotes, and multiple other items. Further information on the store can be found below.


The store will release two new sets of skins: a set of space-themed skins and a set of underwater-themed skins. The space set includes a red-clad astronaut, a black knight, and a blue-clad warrior. The aquatic set features a shark-themed outfit as well as a mermaid-inspired outfit. Each set features four skins with three unique color variations each.


The store will also contain two new emotes. The first emote is called “Dino Wave” and features a character doing a dance move akin to a dinosaur clawing in the air. The second emote, called “Party Time”, features a character appearing to have a good time while surrounded by disco balls.

Other Items

The store will also include other items such as a set of character gliders, pickaxes, new wraps, new pet costumes, and a few surprises. The gliders feature a selection of superhero designs, with each one coming in a different color. The pickaxes will have an array of futuristic designs along with one classic design. The wraps will offer a selection of designs that will add new styles to vehicles and characters. Even more, the pet costumes will features some adorable designs such as an inflatable shark, a yellow lab, and a pink poodle.

With all these amazing items coming to the Fortnite Item Store, players can look forward to having plenty of options to choose from. Be sure to be on the lookout for the store’s release on July 7th!


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