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Xbox Fans Unhappy with Latest Update: ‘Store’ Button Replaces ‘Browse My Games

Xbox Fans Unhappy with Latest Update: ‘Store’ Button Replaces ‘Browse My Games

Xbox Fans Unhappy With Latest Update: ‘Store’ Button Replaces ‘Browse My Games’

Xbox One fans are angry after⁣ the⁤ latest update to their system, which has replaced the “Browse​ My Games” button with a⁤ “Store” button on the main dashboard. This change ⁤has been met with vocal backlash on social media, with users expressing dismay and confusion at the decision.

The “Browse My Games” button was commonly‍ used by gamers as a shortcut to their game library,​ allowing them to quickly access and play the titles they already owned⁢ without going into the ⁢Store. Losing ‍this shortcut⁢ has been ​seen as a major inconvenience and a step backwards for the‌ user experience, while the “Store” button is believed to be more ambiguous and confusing.

One common complaint made ⁤on social media is the​ ease with which⁢ this change has been made, due to the fact that ‌it is ‌an automatic update rolled out by Microsoft rather than an optional patch. This means that there is currently no option to switch back ⁤to the original “Browse My Games” button, and the only way to access their​ existing library is⁢ to go through the more ​time-consuming Store.

Many users have also expressed criticism of Microsoft’s lack of communication regarding the update, as the company failed to alert fans to the change prior to‍ its‌ implementation. Despite the backlash, Microsoft has yet to issue an official statement or confirm whether they are ⁤planning to offer a revert back to the​ old button.

In ​the meantime, users have⁤ taken to sharing their own workarounds to access ​their existing game library, such as ⁢selecting the game from “My Pins” or using ⁢voice commands to play. Whether ​their efforts will be ‌rendered moot once Microsoft issues⁣ further updates remains to be seen.


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