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MagiCave Reveals ‘Beneath The Six’ Role-Playing Adventure With AI Narrator

MagiCave Reveals ‘Beneath The Six’ Role-Playing Adventure With AI Narrator

Adventure seekers can now explore a new role-playing game from MagiCave, entitled ‘Beneath The Six’. The new game features an AI Narrator which guides you through the adventure.

Beneath The Six is an in-depth adventure that takes players through three unique worlds. Each realm is full of puzzles, mysteries, and secrets to uncover. The environment is dynamic and responds to every action the player takes. Players will navigate uncharted dungeons, unravel eco-mysteries, and assist the AI Narrator while discovering the forgotten secrets within each world.

The AI Narrator has been developed to respond to your character’s actions, behaviors, and choices. Its state-of-the-art AI technology creator will create a personal story tailored to each player. The AI Narrator will make decisions based on the player’s in-game actions and will react accordingly!

The game features challenging puzzles, special items, and strategic battles. Players can form allies with unique personalities and gain new skills and abilities. Beneath The Six will require collaboration between different characters to overcome the obstacles and dangers. It offers a wide range of customization, allowing players to make the most of their characters.

MagiCave promises an unprecedented level of adventure with Beneath The Six. Players will be able to explore a new universe, befriend characters, and learn more about the AI Narrator, all while uncovering the secrets of the underground. The game will be available in early 2021 for Steam, Xbox, and Switch.


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