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MK1 Fans Desperate for Classic Tower Intros – A Plea to Devs

MK1 Fans Desperate for Classic Tower Intros – A Plea to Devs

MK1 fans are desperate ⁢for classic Tower ⁤intros, and ⁢many are pleading to‍ the⁣ developers to‌ bring the classic Tower intros back. ⁤Over the years, fighting game⁤ fans have come to know and love the Mortal Kombat series for its iconic characters, mechanics, and memorable intros. In the original games, each character had unique intro animations for each stage, usually set in front of a tower. In recent years, however, those stylish intros have ⁣disappeared with the games releasing⁢ in 2011 and after.

The⁣ Tower intros were visually striking⁣ and featured a range of complex fight animations,⁢ from ⁣Raidens signature lightning move ​to Sub-Zeros iconic vanishing freeze kick. While⁢ the fights themselves ⁤were relatively ⁣short clips, the‍ intros provided a nice moment of anticipation before the match.

Many fans ⁢of the series have​ taken to forums and‍ social media ⁢to express‌ their longing for those intros. They cited that the intros allow for more of a personal touch from the developers, and they provided for far⁣ more interesting visuals pre-fight than the⁣ loading ‍screens that appeared in⁢ more recent titles. As⁢ such, fans are eagerly‍ hoping that developers bring back the⁢ classic Tower intros.

Whether the Millennial Tower intros will return remains to be seen, but it’s⁣ clear that ‍MK1 fanatics everywhere are eager to see the infamous iconic visuals come back in⁣ future titles. Whether ‌or not their pleas will be answered ⁢remains‍ to be seen.


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