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Call of Duty Fans Rejoice: Xbox 360 Classics Now Playable Again

Call of Duty Fans Rejoice: Xbox 360 Classics Now Playable Again

It’s⁢ been ‍13 years​ since Call⁤ of Duty: Modern Warfare ‌2‌ first released on the Xbox 360. Now, ​the⁢ nostalgic classic is⁢ back ⁣in full ‍form, letting⁣ COD fans around the world relive the ‍classic gameplay ⁤they ⁣know ​and‌ love. Thanks to a⁣ new​ update from ⁣Microsoft,⁣ all ⁣Xbox 360 versions‍ of ‌Call of⁢ Duty are now ​playable on⁣ the Xbox⁢ One.

For those ⁣who may ‌have missed out ‍on these ​classic ⁣titles,⁤ there’s no better ⁢time to experience‌ the ‌iconic⁣ shooter. ‌The ⁤beloved ⁢series is now⁢ remastered in beautiful HD so you can ⁣relive ⁣the intense⁣ combat ​with⁣ modern-day ⁢visuals.

With the ⁤addition of ⁤these⁢ backward-compatible​ titles,⁤ the Xbox One ⁢now has an even‌ larger selection of⁣ online ⁤titles to ​play. Whether you⁣ want to stick ⁤with ‌the⁢ classic ‌Call of⁣ Duty⁣ titles, or ⁣join millions ​of‍ players in​ a ⁣whole ‌new era of‌ shooteing, the variety ⁤of online titles is⁤ sure ‌to⁣ keep ⁣you⁣ coming back for​ more.

Of course, with ⁣the ‍ability ⁣to​ play ⁢these​ classic games ⁤now comes the need to purchase them. ⁤You’ll‌ have‍ to head ​on over ‍to the Xbox Live‍ Marketplace ⁤to⁢ pick⁢ up one⁣ of the original‍ titles. ​Prices range⁤ from $10-$20 ⁤for‍ each game, ⁤so ‍make ‍sure you’re ⁢choosing​ the ​one ‍that best meets your ​nostalgic ​needs.

The‌ addition of Call ⁢of Duty⁣ Xbox‍ 360 classics ‍gives ‌gamers the best of both ⁣worlds ⁣– ​the‌ nostalgia​ of a classic ‌shooter,‍ with the ⁢convenience⁢ of being able ‌to​ play​ it ⁣on‍ an⁤ Xbox⁢ One. So, if ⁤you’ve been‍ itching to get ​back into​ the ⁤combat ​sandbox of ⁣yesteryear,⁢ now’s⁤ your chance.


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