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Evil Dead Game Ends Updates, Switch Version Cancelled

Evil Dead Game Ends Updates, Switch Version Cancelled

Sad news for Dead by Daylight fans,‌ as it looks like Behaviour Interactive has finally decided to end the game’s⁣ updates‌ for Nintendo Switch players. After releasing the game last year, the‌ studio initially promised ⁢regular updates ‌with new content and⁢ bug fixes⁤ but it seems like they have changed their plans and cancelled​ the Switch version‌ entirely.

The news broke via the official Dead by Daylight forums, where ⁢the developer team shared the latest development updates. In it, they explain that “due to staffing changes and ‍technical challenges,⁣ we have decided to close all content development efforts on the Nintendo Switch version of Dead by ‌Daylight. This includes the cancellation of our‍ proposed update ‌plan.”

The statement goes on to say that while they understand that this news may not be⁤ appreciated by all players, ⁣they have decided to “direct our efforts to other platforms after‍ careful consideration”. Furthermore, the statement also clarified that the ⁢studio ⁢”will continue to offer technical support and bug fixes to ensure the best gaming experience for all Dead by Daylight players on the platform.”

The news has caused an outrage‍ amongst⁤ many players who were expecting new content ⁤and ⁢bug fixes for their ⁤version of⁢ the game. However, it is likely that the ⁢Switch version of the game will remain playable despite the cancellation of the updates.

In the ​meantime, the studio ​says they are working on several improvements ⁢for the ⁣game across all ⁣platforms and hope to share ​additional​ information soon. So, while Switch players may miss out on the new content and bug fixes, at least the game is ​still playable⁢ for the ​time being.


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