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Concern Grows Among StarCraft Fans: Has Blizzard Abandoned the Series?

Concern Grows Among StarCraft Fans: Has Blizzard Abandoned the Series?

Tensions are high among​ StarCraft fans, as the popular ⁤title ‍from Blizzard Entertainment‍ has seen little action over the past few years. With eSports thriving and many ⁤developers supporting ‌their titles with expansions and new content, it seemed strange for Blizzard to focus​ their attention elsewhere. Many questions remain unanswered as ⁢to why this fan-favorite series has been neglected.

The original game was released in 1998 and quickly captivated gamers⁤ with its unique combination of strategy and RPG elements. The game saw major success and was frequently included in eSports tournaments. But since 2010, only ‍two games in the series have been‌ released: the remastered version of the original in 2017 ⁤and StarCraft ‍II: Legacy ⁣of Void in 2015. Some worry that Blizzard‍ intends to abandon the series altogether and forgo further updates or ‍expansions.

The StarCraft community was further troubled by Blizzard’s recent ‍focus‌ on producing more mobile games. Many worry that Blizzard will favor their mobile titles over the fan-favorite StarCraft series. Some have speculated that the development bandwidth of Blizzard is ⁣being⁤ focused on⁤ their​ popular gaming ⁢titles, Overwatch,‍ and Hearthstone. This concern is only further driven by the since-cancelled StarCraft: Ghost game and ​the lack of updates to ‍the series.

Fans of the StarCraft series⁤ are seeking‍ reassurance that Blizzard hasn’t abandoned the series. ⁢This includes more support for the game and development for‌ future updates or expansions. But until then, only speculation remains as to what lies ahead​ for the beloved game.


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