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Baten Kaitos HD Remaster Sparks Controversy with ‘Cringey’ Quips

Baten Kaitos HD Remaster Sparks Controversy with ‘Cringey’ Quips

It looks like Baten Kaitos HD remaster has sparked controversy among⁣ fans, raising concerns over the updated dialogue, particularly its “cringey” quips.⁤ The game, originally released in 2003, has‌ undergone⁢ some big changes, and some fans are just not sure how ⁤to feel about it.

The game’s new English ‍script is filled with slang and pop culture references, which some fans feel cheapens the magical charm of the game. Speaking to pitchRADAR, Zach Hanes, one of the game’s original localization writers, said the update was a “missed opportunity”.

“The game originally had this really deep and mysterious‍ atmosphere, but this re-translation added a⁢ lot of puns, pop culture references, and slang that completely obliterates the original tone,” Hanes ‍said. “The original script was elegant and sophisticated, which the ‌new version betrays at every turn.”

Fans have taken ‍to forums⁤ to express their dissatisfaction with ​some of the⁢ more cringe-inducing​ dialogue. “Given‍ the game’s pedigree, it’s a shame that some of the most important ​moments were robbed of their original charm,” writes one Reddit user. “The modern dialogue ‌isn’t bad per se, but I just feel⁤ like fans of the original have been utterly ignored.”

It’s not all bad news though. ⁢While some fans feel ‌like⁤ the updated dialogue detracts from the experience, others think that the modern touches give earnest characters an added layer of depth and relatability.

“Sure, ‌there are some ridiculous lines, but⁤ overall, I think the ⁢updated script does a good ‌job of capturing the nitty gritty of teenage life,” writes one Twitter‌ user. “It does make the characters feel more ⁤relatable and adds a lot of personality to each of their faces.”

At the end of the day, the updated script is here to stay. For better or for ‍worse, the cringey quips, pop culture references, and ‍slang are the‍ new normal in Baten Kaitos HD ‌remaster.


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