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Will ‘Alan Wake 2’ Be This Year’s Game of the Year, Surpassing Favorite ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’?

Will ‘Alan Wake 2’ Be This Year’s Game of the Year, Surpassing Favorite ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’?

Since its initial successful release of the critically acclaimed ‌survival⁤ horror game “Alan Wake” in 2010, the game’s developer Remedy Entertainment has been promising a sequel. This past year has⁢ been a long wait for the gaming community, eager to continue ‌the story and explore the epic, psychological horror world of Alan⁣ Wake. With the promising sequel and the recent launch of the highly anticipated roleplaying game “Baldur’s⁤ Gate⁤ 3” at this year’s PAX East, it’s got fans wondering: will “Alan Wake ​2” be this year’s game of the year,‌ surpassing favorite “Baldur’s Gate ‍3”?

As of now, the technological capabilities of current and​ past-generation​ hardware have prevented Remedy ‌Entertainment⁢ from totally ‍delivering on its promise and launching the ​sequel ⁢that fans have been waiting for. ⁢However, considering the digital-only nature ​of the upcoming game,⁤ able to run much better on current-generation hardware, the expectations‍ for “Alan‍ Wake 2” are much higher than merely​ surpassing just “Baldur’s Gate 3”.

When it comes to comparisons⁤ between ⁤the two titles, some similarities can easily ‍be spotted. Both feature⁤ intense real-time combat, an involving story that stretches across multiple protagonists, and encompass expansive environments with a unique soundtrack that⁤ helps to ‍create a sense of atmosphere ⁣and dread.⁢ For “Alan ‍Wake 2”, gamers can‍ expect more of the same immersive experience ​with a darker edge, as the first game was a passionate homage to horror films and‍ TV​ shows ⁢of ‍the past.

In terms ⁤of story, it’s clear that Remedy Entertainment is‌ taking ‍a different approach with “Alan Wake 2”. While “Baldur’s Gate 3” focuses heavily on storytelling that is influenced by Dungeons & Dragons ​lore, “Alan Wake 2” promises to present a much more cerebral take on narrative progression, as⁣ the‌ player slowly uncovers the backstory of the main character. With its intelligent use ‌of flashbacks,⁢ cryptic dialogue, and dreamlike sequences, the story of “Alan Wake 2” has been dubbed as a psychological thriller. This is all⁢ achieved without reliance ⁢on jump scares, suggesting that this could be an entirely different kind of horror ⁤experience.

Exploring the game’s ​environments has also‍ seen a ‍massive‌ overhaul, with environments that are no longer just static‌ and still, but instead full‍ of life. Players ‍will be able to⁤ traverse vast‍ levels‍ filled with destructible obstacles⁢ and different environmental hazards, all while searching for strange clues and secret locations. The ‌expanse of exploration options available‍ in “Alan Wake 2” is vast and ‍dynamic, assuring a unique experience every playthrough.

Despite the anticipation for both titles, the end result of ⁣”Alan Wake ⁣2″ ⁢and‌ “Baldur’s Gate 3″⁢ may be quite different, as the two games target different kinds of players. While the latter has a more traditional⁢ approach to RPG​ games,⁣ the former takes a much ‌more personal approach to the horror genre that encourages‍ exploration ​of different layers⁤ of gameplay, narrative, and ⁢atmosphere. It is yet to be seen which game will ⁢reign dominant or usurp the detractive title as ⁤game of the⁢ year. For now, all that the gaming community can is hope that this wait is well worth it.


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