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Leaked Video Footage of PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ Model Surfaces Online

Leaked Video Footage of PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ Model Surfaces Online

A leaked video ‌of a slim PlayStation 5 console ​was recently seen ⁢online. Many of the details surrounding the console’s size, performance, and appearance remain unknown.​ Console makers Sony appears to be testing‍ a slimmer PS5⁢ console, and the video captured by users offers a ​first glimpse at the much-awaited ‌console.

The leaked⁣ video is encoded ⁢in 4K ⁢resolution ⁢and does‍ not appear to be⁢ taken ⁢from official sources. The console appears to be rounded with a matte exterior, ‌similar to⁣ the currently-available PS4 equivalents. The⁤ video is⁢ from Nintendo’s perspective, and many viewers noted the distinct disc⁣ drive⁢ positioning as one of the key highlights. It is unclear if the PS5 slim model ⁣will include a 4K Blu-Ray drive as one‌ of the main features.

Speculation⁢ about ​the slim version of PS5 began when rumors ‍of ⁤improved graphics cards ⁣and hardware modules surfaced​ on the internet. With Sony already boasting 8K⁢ compatibility for the existing ​console, gamers are expecting further improvements with ⁣the ‌new model.‌ The⁢ video does show that the ⁤slim model offers improved performance ⁢and can handle⁣ more thoroughly designed 3D games.

The video does not offer any other details. ⁣It ⁤is unclear ​if Sony plans to release the slimmer model alongside the standard version. It is also unclear if the console will have extra features such as an ‌improved cooling system or more USB ports. ‍For ‌many PlayStation fans, ⁣the leaked video ‍has⁣ sparked more questions than answers and some are wondering what⁢ other features the ⁢PlayStation ⁣5 Slim model will offer.


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