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Auction Alert: Entire Japanese VALORANT Team Up For Sale

Auction Alert: Entire Japanese VALORANT Team Up For Sale

Auction ‍Alert: Entire ⁤Japanese VALORANT Team Up For Sale

The entire Japanese VALORANT team ‍is up for sale in an auction taking place⁢ this‍ weekend. The⁢ team⁤ of five players, Omniscent, Shinken, ‍Hayabusa,‌ Ninjya, and Sora, have been playing together since the beta of VALORANT ​and are ready to make their mark in the competitive scene.

The team boasts some impressive ⁣results since forming, most recently taking 2nd place in the ⁤Japan ⁤Esports Cup Finals. With their individual skill and team ⁣chemistry⁢ already established,⁢ this could be the perfect opportunity for an ambitious organization to get⁢ their hands on an already successful‌ team.

The auction will take⁣ place this Saturday, November 14th, at 9 p.m. Japanese time. Interested parties should be prepared to⁣ make a bid before then⁣ to be eligible to place a winning bid.

While the team has‌ yet⁤ to receive a sponsorship offer, it is ⁢already gathering‍ interest from multiple ⁤parties. Organizations from Japan and outside are reported to be interested in ‍signing the team, including notable talents from other titles, such as ‍Street Fighter V and Overwatch.

This ​auction is set to prove ‍an interesting one, as the ‍team looks to make its mark on the​ global VALORANT competitive⁤ stage.


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