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Concern Grows Among StarCraft Fans: Has Blizzard Abandoned the Series?

⁤ Tensions are high among​ StarCraft fans, as the popular ⁤title ‍from Blizzard Entertainment‍ has seen little action over the past few years. With eSports thriving and many ⁤developers supporting ‌their titles with expansions and new content, it seemed strange…

Wolf Among Us Developer Tells Industry to ‘Unionize’ Amid Mass Telltale Layoffs

The⁢ gaming industry has ‍come under fire in ‍recent times ‌due to the mass layoffs ⁣of the studio Telltale Games. Adam Harrington, the lead voice actor for Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, has ‌argued ‍that ‍game industry​ workers deserve⁢ better…