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Bloober Team Bringing ‘Skybound’ Entertainment to Video Games with New IP Title

Bloober Team Bringing ‘Skybound’ Entertainment to Video Games with New IP Title

Gaming studio Bloober Team is entering ‍the entertainment ‍industry and‍ creating an ⁢original intellectual property ⁢title. The‍ game, ‍currently titled “Skybound”, is expected to ⁢be released sometime‌ in 2021.⁣ Bloober Team has made a name⁢ for themselves in the ​horror genre, releasing games⁢ such as Layers of Fear and Layers of ‍Fear 2, ​as well as the psychological ⁢horror game ⁣ Observer. With the new “Skybound” title, the studio⁣ is branching⁣ out into⁤ a ‍new genre – adventure.

”Skybound” will tell ⁣the story of a group of adventurers ​who ‌explore a mysterious wilderness and get caught up in a conflict of supernatural proportions. ⁢The game⁢ will ‌feature a ⁤cast of characters with unique abilities, as⁤ they unravel the mysteries of the world they explore. Players will ​have to use their wits and⁢ skills to overcome obstacles and outsmart their ‍enemies. It promises to be ⁢an engaging ‍and unique experience.

In ‍terms of ‌gameplay, ​“Skybound” will be an open-world⁢ action-adventure game. Players will have access to ‍various tools, weapons and⁤ items to aid them in their quest. They will also be able to upgrade and customize their characters. The studio promises an immersive experience with dynamic environments, dynamic weather, day-night‍ cycle⁢ and ‍an ⁤AI system that adapts to the player’s decisions.

The game will also feature a unique soundtrack composed ⁣especially for the title, as well as a variety‌ of voice actors for the characters.‌ Bloober Team has also revealed⁣ that there will be multiple endings, based on player decisions. ​To add to the replayability, there will also⁢ be ⁢collectable items hidden throughout the game.

Although the⁢ game is still in early development, Bloober ⁢Team has⁢ given fans a few glimpses of what’s in store. With its stunning visuals and engaging gameplay, “Skybound” is sure⁢ to be a hit when ⁣it releases. ‌The studio is planning‍ to release the title on ​PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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