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Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways ‘Separates’ Itself from the Pack – IGN Review

Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways ‘Separates’ Itself from the Pack – IGN Review

IGN has ⁢hailed ⁤Resident Evil 4:⁣ Separate Ways‌ “a must-have⁤ for all Resident Evil 4 owners” ⁤in their recent review, praising its remarkable level of detail‌ and exceptional production values.‍ According to the review, the package not only offers a unique, cinematic story experience, but ​a wealth of content and bonus materials‌ that make this version of Resident Evil 4 one of⁢ the most feature-rich titles in the series.

IGN’s review has praised the ​additional ⁢story content⁢ in Separate Ways, which picks up after the⁢ events of Resident Evil 4 and takes players through five missions, each following a different character from the game. The segments are filled with puzzles, hours of bonus dialogue not found‌ in the original game, plenty of suspense and adventure, and a fitting sense of closure.

The review also notes that Separate⁢ Ways offers a wealth of bonus content, such as the⁢ Mercenaries mode, which features two new playable characters, Alessa​ and Rebecca⁢ Chambers, and gives players the chance to‍ fight ​their way through nine arenas⁣ for points and rewards. The disc ⁤also includes a gallery of artwork and promotional materials for the game, plus a bonus DVD containing cutscenes from the​ game, as well as​ interviews with the game’s staff.

IGN⁣ also pointed out that, while the new content ​in Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways may not appeal to those who have already played through the original game, it offers enough new scenarios and challenges to make it a worthwhile investment‍ for ⁣fans of ​Resident Evil 4 who have already beaten it. They concluded by saying that the package is “a must-have for all Resident ⁣Evil 4 owners, and a great ​way for newcomers to experience the wonders of‍ one of the best horror games ever released.”


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