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Overwatch 2 Players Fuming as Genji Ultimate Fall Victim to One Support’s Heals

Overwatch 2 Players Fuming as Genji Ultimate Fall Victim to One Support’s Heals

As ‌fans of the new ⁣ Overwatch 2 have been⁤ eagerly looking‍ forward ⁣to new ⁢heroes and modes, one‍ Genji ultimate has been⁢ the victim of a​ powerful support hero’s healing. Genji players have been left fuming⁢ as they find themselves ⁤unable to successfully pull off what should⁤ have been an easy ultimate, thanks to a hero’s ultimate ability ⁢that, while supportive, has ruined many‌ Genji ultimates.

The hero in question is ​Ana, ‍the ⁤support sniper ⁣whose⁤ ultimate, Nano Boost, drastically increases the⁣ health and damage output of a single⁢ hero. ​As‌ if this wasn’t bad enough, her healing output is also significantly increased,‍ and ⁤as most Overwatch 2 players know, ‌she’s the only Support‌ hero whose healing cannot be blocked or counter played.

In short, Nano Boost is a‍ formidable⁢ ultimate that ⁤can literally shut down a Genji​ ultimate in its tracks, rendering any damage dealt by the Dragon Blade useless. Players​ have taken to​ social media‌ and Reddit ⁤to express⁢ their frustrations‌ regarding ⁤this issue, complaining that the​ ability is too powerful and needs to be nerfed or removed entirely.

It’s⁣ not just Genji players that have been‌ affected though. Other heroes like Reinhardt‍ and McCree are⁣ also finding it ⁤hard to⁤ land their‍ ultimates due to Ana’s Nano Boost, as the increased​ healing makes it hard to do enough damage. Meanwhile, Ana players ‍are enjoying a hugely powerful ultimate, and one defender of her ​Nano Boost stated that it was ⁣designed as ⁣a defensive ​tool, and simply ⁣being able to make a hero hard to kill was not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, it seems⁤ that Blizzard has ​created a situation that ⁤is overwhelmingly unfair ⁣to all heroes that rely on executing their⁣ ultimates‍ in order to take ‍out ⁢targets. While Nano Boost⁢ is a supremely useful ultimate, its ability to block⁢ other‍ hero’s ultimate ‌abilities has⁤ outraged many players, and Blizzard needs to find a way to‌ make it more balanced.


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