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Bloober and Skybound Join Forces to Create New Gaming Experience

Skybound ⁣Entertainment,‍ a multimedia company, has announced ‍a joint venture with⁣ Bloober Team,⁢ an independent video ⁣game developer, to create a new gaming experience. The companies will be working together to ‍create⁢ a unique⁢ blend​ of storytelling and dynamic gameplay…

Bloober Team Bringing ‘Skybound’ Entertainment to Video Games with New IP Title

Gaming studio Bloober Team is entering ‍the entertainment ‍industry and‍ creating an ⁢original intellectual property ⁢title. The‍ game, ‍currently titled “Skybound”, is expected to ⁢be released sometime‌ in 2021.⁣ Bloober Team has made a name⁢ for themselves in the ​horror…