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Sega Saturn Dev Brings Final Fantasy VII To Unprecedented Console – Time Extension

Sega Saturn Dev Brings Final Fantasy VII To Unprecedented Console – Time Extension

The highly anticipated Playstation ‌classic Final Fantasy VII has finally⁤ arrived on Sega Saturn thanks to a passionate ⁤developer’s hard⁤ work. This is an unprecedented opportunity for Sega Saturn gamers to fully‌ experience a ‍game that has long been admired, but⁢ never ⁤before released on their platform. ‍Through the use of an unofficial core,‌ dubbed ‘Yabause’, the developer​ was able to unlock the full potential of this beloved game ⁢and add the level of depth and complexity it was⁣ always meant to⁢ have.

The ⁤full experience⁤ of Final Fantasy VII is⁤ made possible by the time extension feature. This addition to the emulator doubles the frame rate​ of the game, allowing for a⁢ smoother and ⁢more ​realistic ⁢experience. By increasing‍ the speed at which the game runs, gamers are able ⁣to play through the game’s⁤ expansive story without having to worry ⁤about the game slowing down and dragging on. It also gives the game a much-needed facelift, ‍greatly increasing the‍ graphics ⁢quality and allowing gamers to experience the game in a much better way. This makes Final Fantasy‍ VII on the Sega Saturn a much more enjoyable experience than⁤ on other consoles, namely the original Playstation.

The Sega Saturn’s time extension feature has made the game much more dynamic and ​exciting. It allows ‌gamers to⁣ be more immersed in the game, ⁣being⁢ able to explore and complete the game in much ​more detail ⁣than you would‍ have otherwise⁢ been able to ‌do on the ‌original Playstation. This is great news⁣ for hardcore gamers, as well as newcomers to the Final‍ Fantasy series.⁣ The time extension feature also allows you to adjust the settings ​to⁢ make the game as easy or as challenging as you’d like.

Overall, the addition of the time extension feature to the Sega Saturn version of‍ Final Fantasy‌ VII​ has made it an incredibly⁢ exciting and sought-after experience. This is a must-have addition to any console enthusiast’s collection. With its improved​ graphics ​and performance, the Sega Saturn edition of Final Fantasy VII is​ something every gamer should experience.


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