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Broforce FOREVER Coming to Legendary Platform on Aug 8th

Broforce FOREVER Coming to Legendary Platform on Aug 8th

That’s⁤ right, ‌the ​quintessential bro ‌feature ‘Broforce’ ‌will ‍be coming ​to ‍the​ legendary ​platform this‍ upcoming August⁢ 8th! Players⁣ around the‌ globe are already anticipating the arrival of ⁢this classic⁤ game.⁣ Where “Freedom,‌ Liberty, and Brocedure” ‍come‌ hand-in-hand with a dash ‌of ⁤old-school carnage and chaos.

Broforce is a ‍side-scrolling run and gun⁢ platform⁢ video game developed and published by ‍South‍ African ⁣game⁤ development ‌company Free Lives under Devolver ⁤Digital. Originally⁤ a ⁣Flash⁣ game⁣ prototype​ in April ​2012, it ⁤was eventually released for Microsoft Windows, ‍OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in⁢ October‌ 2015.

The game features ​procedurally generated ​levels and destructible terrain. It‌ allows⁤ players‍ up to four player ⁢cooperative multiplayer to ‍complete missions. There ‌are​ 30​ different characters to choose from, each based on⁤ a‌ well-known action movie character​ from the ​1980s and 1990s.

Broforce’s ⁤level design and ⁢art style​ are based⁢ on ‍action movies ⁣from‌ the 1980s⁤ and 1990s. The⁣ goal ​of the ⁢game is⁢ to reach ‍the end of‍ each level, and ⁣it ‍also encourages the player to kill‌ enemies ‌with explosions and‌ various weapons, such as ⁤flamethrowers, machine‌ guns, rocket⁣ launchers,⁢ and knives.​ These‍ weapons ⁢can also ‌be used to destroy buildings and to​ access other areas‍ of the ​level.

The game ​includes many of the ⁤popular ‍tropes from ⁢the action movie genre, including ​car chases and⁢ explosions, as ‍well as a memorable​ synth-heavy ‌soundtrack‍ and a series ​of ⁤undead bosses.⁣ Broforce also includes multiple game modes, such as “Brototype”, “Dangerous​ Descent” ‍and‌ “Death ‌Roulette”, each⁢ challenging ⁢players​ in different ⁢ways.

Ever ⁢since the‍ original release ⁤of ⁢Broforce,​ fans around ⁣the⁣ world have ⁢been asking ‌for a version ⁤to be⁤ released‌ on⁢ the ‍legendary platform. Now, ​with its upcoming Aug‍ 8th launch date rapidly​ approaching, ⁤players ⁤can look forward ​to experiencing​ this iconic action game in all its ⁢glory.

While there has been‍ no recent‍ news ‍on any ⁣possible enhancements to the game, more ⁤and more ‌details ​are expected‍ to‌ be‌ revealed by ‍Free Lives in ‌the⁤ coming weeks. ‌

So,⁣ stay tuned as we await ⁤the launch of ‍the legendary ⁣version of ​Broforce. It’s time to embrace your inner 80s action ⁢hero, get ready ⁣to Broforce⁣ FOREVER.


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