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Asmongold Criticizes Overwatch 2 Skins Costing an ‘Insane’ $40: Encourages Players to Boycott

Asmongold Criticizes Overwatch 2 Skins Costing an ‘Insane’ $40: Encourages Players to Boycott

Popular streamer Asmongold ⁢recently spoke up about the cost of skins in Overwatch ⁣2, criticized it for being “insane” and encouraged players to boycott the cosmetics.

Asmongold, who⁢ is ‍renowned for his streaming of WoW Classic, urged viewers⁣ to recognize the “monetization of⁣ games” and to realize that this is money-grabbing‍ from developers. He said that a”cosmetic skin should never, ever cost ​$40, it’s insane.”

Commenting on the ‌game’s microtransactions, Asmongold argued⁤ that the publishing company Blizzard is not listening to the players anymore, and that if players don’t​ stand together and speak out about the excessive costs, ‌they will only get⁤ worse.

Although some viewers may think that Asmongold’s criticism of the pricing is harsh, some others agree with his opinion and understand⁤ that paying such excessive amount of money for a virtual ​item can be unjustifiable. Popular streamer, Curseifexd,​ tweeted: “I’m with Asmon, these have crossed the line.”

Blizzard, however, doesn’t seem to be​ willing to‍ budge. The vice president of the company, Jeff Kaplan, posted a ⁤blog on the company’s‍ website in response to the ⁣criticism, vowing to continue to build Overwatch 2.

Although Asmongold’s criticism is harsh, many people feel that if developers and publishers of ⁤games continue to offer these skins at these prices, gamers will have to look for other alternatives.⁣ The reactions of Overwatch 2’s players may determine the future of the game‌ and of these types of microtransactions, and it may be that the players will have to‍ stand up for themselves with boycotts.


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