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Rusty Rabbit: Post-Apocalyptic Metroidvania Where Rabbits Reign Supreme

Rusty Rabbit: Post-Apocalyptic Metroidvania Where Rabbits Reign Supreme

A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of a‌ Rusty ‌Rabbit

In​ Rusty Rabbit – a ⁢post-apocalyptic Metroidvania ⁢- rabbits⁣ reign supreme. It is an age where rabbits not only outnumber human survivors, but have adapted to‌ live in this‍ post-apocalyptic world.

This is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer, where you’ll take control of a ‍group of rabbits led by Rusty Rabbit, a brave rabbit ⁢who has taken it upon⁢ himself to protect the others. Explore a vast post-apocalyptic world, fight against powerful mutants, and uncover secrets that will ‍help Rusty Rabbit and the others survive.

Rusty Rabbit plays like an action platformer and an RPG. As you progress through ‍the game, you’ll explore more‌ of⁢ the post-apocalyptic world, ​collect‍ resources, craft ⁤new ‍weapons and armor, and upgrade ⁢your stats.

The mutations in this⁣ world have allowed the rabbits to gain different abilities, and you can use these abilities to explore⁣ the⁣ world, solve puzzles, and overcome enemies. You’ll also be able to​ team up with allies along the⁣ way and use​ their abilities to help​ Rusty ⁤Rabbit save ​the day.

The ⁤art style of Rusty‌ Rabbit ⁢is a mix of ​retro 2D sprites and pixel art, ​with a​ more modern aesthetic. Enjoy the hard-rock soundtrack and soothing ambient music during your journey ​to save ‍the remaining rabbits.

Rusty Rabbit is an enjoyable sequel to a beloved classic, and it looks⁢ like the rabbits will continue to reign supreme!


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