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Next Assassin’s Creed Title Reportedly Aiming for 2024 Release

Next Assassin’s Creed Title Reportedly Aiming for 2024 Release

A new Assassin’s Creed title is reportedly⁢ aiming for a 2024 release. According⁤ to a report from French site ‌Gameblog, the next Assassin’s Creed ⁤game will‌ be ​released ⁢in 2024. The ‍report ⁢also states that​ the title will be set in a Viking-inspired universe. As ⁣of now, there are ⁤no additional details ⁤on the ‍game or its ​plot.

The last Assassin’s Creed⁢ title, Assassin’s⁣ Creed: Odyssey, was released in March 2018. This indicates that the‍ next installment ‍in the ‍series could have a long‍ development ⁢cycle ⁢if the report is true. If the game was released in 2024, it would ⁢mark​ nearly 6 ⁤years since the last‍ Assassin’s Creed title.

The report also states that there are ⁤currently no plans for additional downloadable content for Odyssey. This follows the trend set ‍by⁢ Ubisoft, ‍as they have not released any DLC for their last four mainline Assassin’s Creed titles. It⁤ is possible that this decision⁣ was made ​to‍ focus development resources ​towards‍ the new game.

Assassin’s⁢ Creed is one of Ubisoft’s most popular ‌franchises. Since its initial release​ in 2007, the series has sold over 125 million⁢ copies.​ The franchise also expanded to other mediums, such as films, novels, and theme park attractions. With the next​ installment reportedly aiming for a 2024 release, fans of the ​series ⁤will ⁤have to wait a ‌few more years ‍before they get ⁢to experience the next adventure.


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