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Anthony Mackie Finds His Perfect Imperfect Ride in Twisted Metal

Anthony Mackie Finds His Perfect Imperfect Ride in Twisted Metal

Anthony Mackie, best-known most recently for his part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‌has an⁣ interesting take on car culture. He recently appeared in a new ad for the classic car-combat video game “Twisted ⁢Metal” where he reflects on car culture and ⁣his own favorite ride. “I think cars represent who you wanna be,” is how Mackie begins the piece. He goes on to describe his ​”perfect imperfect ride,” which ⁣is a classic-meets-modern car he built himself with a few customized touches. He loves it because it’s something he created with his own hands.

The ad goes on​ to show Mackie driving around in his modified ride. He appears to be in an abandoned amusement park, driving precariously along the tracks⁤ of⁣ a wooden coaster, then beneath an old ‌a roller coaster, ⁤before ‍ending up on ⁣a makeshift racetrack. The ad certainly captures⁣ the spirit of Twisted Metal, with Mackie going on wild ⁤adventures in ⁣his own car.

The ad ends with a line that sums up Mackie’s attitude ⁢towards⁤ cars in a nutshell: “The only true ride is one you build yourself.” The video highlights the creative process that goes into ‌building a ⁤ride, but also the importance ​of customizing⁤ it to make it truly your own. Mackie ⁢believes that building your own car is a creative process that is both rewarding and fulfilling.

Mackie’s ⁤ad for Twisted Metal helps to remind us​ of the power of car culture. Car culture is all about the stories of how people customize, enjoy, and‍ embrace their rides. It also celebrates those who ​break away from the ordinary to create something unique and beautiful for themselves. Anthony Mackie captures this essence in his ad, demonstrating how owning the perfect imperfect ride can be a truly satisfying experience.


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