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Harmonix Head Discusses Fortnite, Metaverse, and Music’s Future – Game Informer

Harmonix Head Discusses Fortnite, Metaverse, and Music’s Future – Game Informer

“Fortnite has⁤ changed the world of gaming music. It’s taking music out of a linear context,‌ which enables us to create experiences that weren’t previously possible,” says Alex Rigopulos, CEO ‍of Harmonix, the creators‌ of iconic games like Rock Band and‍ Dance Central.

Harmonix’s newly-announcedFuser, puts players in the role of a virtual DJ, mixing ​vocals, sounds, and more to craft music. It’s a revolutionary way to express oneself musically, and the team at‌ Harmonix knew that the ⁤game could only expand with the inclusion of songs ‍from other popular titles.

“Fortnite already has a huge​ music library.‌ It⁤ allows us to bring in hit songs from other franchises we didn’t have before. ⁤Artists we feature in Fuser have a track record for⁢ producing​ original content. We wanted to enable our players to have the same experience as playing⁤ real⁣ music,” explains⁤ Rigopulos.

The Harmonix ‌team also believes ⁢that the metaverse—a virtual universe that ‌intertwines the real and virtual worlds—will create an unstoppable platform for people to share their musical prowess. This could potentially give way to entire virtual concert‌ experiences,​ tours, and more.

“The metaverse is a place‍ where ‍people can express themselves and fashion⁣ their own identities, ‍and we wanted to explore that realm through music. We think making music in the metaverse will bring out the best in everyone involved,” says Rigopulos.

Rigopulos believes that music has a bright future, and that it can be as pertinent today as it was in the past.​ The ability to create music with technology has been around ‍for centuries, and now ⁤Harmonix is pioneering the way to create music in a⁣ totally new way with Fuser.

“Our⁣ goal is to inspire creativity and to help people express themselves ⁢through music no matter ​where they are. With the technology available today ‍and the⁢ evolution of‍ the metaverse, the possibilities are seemingly infinite” he concludes.


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