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Welcome the Reckoning: Halo Season 5 Launches Now!

Welcome the Reckoning: Halo Season 5 Launches Now!

We’ve finally‍ made it – Halo Season 5 is here and it’s time to welcome the reckoning. The official launch of Halo Season 5 has been announced and it’s one of the most anticipated updates of the game yet, with a plethora of new‍ content and features that bring back the feel of classic Halo while embracing the future‌ of the franchise.

The biggest feature⁢ of the fifth season‍ is ⁣the introduction of Warzone Firefight, a reimagined ​version ​of the classic Horde mode that up to eight players can dive into with a ‍full suite of personalization and custom⁣ loadouts. With updated ⁢enemies and new enemies doing battle in⁢ the wide⁤ array of environments, the standard Warzone game mode gets an extra layer of ⁣depth by encouraging ⁤players to employ ‌different tactics as they confront a variety of threats.

Season⁣ 5 is also ⁤introducing a new ‌suite of customization options for players looking to flaunt their favorite ‌colors, guns and skins. Players will ⁣be able to select from a roster of ‌different armor⁢ pieces,⁣ helmets, visors and other loadouts that make each individual Spartan unique. This season will also see‌ the introduction of ‌a new weapon system, complete ⁢with⁢ a vast array of weapons​ that are tailored to ‌each player’s ⁤particular playstyle. Rarer weapons will naturally unlock better traits, letting players build their perfect loadout as they progress through the game.

And what would any Halo update be without community events? Players​ can now earn exclusive rewards by taking ‌part in a variety of different community activities, from limited-time weapon playlists, special limited-time ⁣objective-based experiences to Forge tutorials and a host of other activities.

Season 5 officially commences on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, so jump in⁢ and embrace the reckoning, Spartans!


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