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Life is Strange Devs Explore the Teen Mystery Genre with ‘Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Life is Strange Devs Explore the Teen Mystery Genre with ‘Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage a New Mystery Game by Life is Strange Devs

Dontnod Entertainment, the creative⁣ minds behind the‍ critically acclaimed game Life ​is Strange, are pushing the boundaries of the teen mystery genre yet again. The studio recently announced their newest game, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, which places ‍protagonist Chiyo in⁢ a small abandoned Japanese town.

In Lost Records: Bloom & Rage, players take the role of Chiyo, a 16-year-old who ‍returns home from boarding school to a town in the ⁢grips of a violent mystery only she can unravel. Chiyo will⁤ need to investigate the ‌secrets hidden in the town’s past and uncover the truth ‍behind her father’s​ disappearance. Along the way, she will unlock the hidden stories of an unmarked cemetery, discover forgotten ⁤artifacts,​ and ultimately make her own mystery-solving journey.

The game promises to ‌be an emotional experience with its two-pronged narrative approach. Players will be able to explore Chiyo’s turbulent relationship with her father as they unravel the mystery of the town. As they ​do so,​ they will uncover the long-buried secrets of the ⁤town’s past, such as the mysterious disappearance of the ​town’s⁤ founder.

Dontnod has released a teaser trailer for the ​game, highlighting its‌ atmospheric world filled with​ beautiful art. The teaser also shows off some of the ways in which ⁢Chiyo can interact⁣ with the environment, such as using her smartphone to‌ scan items for hidden clues.

Lost Records: Bloom &⁢ Rage is​ set to release on ​the⁤ PC⁢ and console platforms in 2021, with more details to be ​announced later this year. With the ⁤Life is Strange series’ explorations of teen drama and mystery, it’s sure to be an ⁢experience to ⁣remember.


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