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An Inside Look at the Future of Gran Turismo: Interview with Sony AI’s Dr. Peter Wurman

An Inside Look at the Future of Gran Turismo: Interview with Sony AI’s Dr. Peter Wurman

This past month, Sony AI had the opportunity to interview the renowned Dr. Peter Wurman, head of development on the upcoming Gran Turismo game. During the interview, Dr. Wurman opened up about the future of the series and what to expect with the latest game.

Continuing the Tradition

When asked about the legacy of the Gran Turismo series, Dr. Wurman shared his thoughts on the franchise. “Gran Turismo is a series that holds a special place for many people,” he explained. “It’s been around since the late 1990s and has kept its fan base engaged by continually evolving. We wanted to continue that tradition of innovation and improvement with our newest installment.”

Easier to Get Into

Dr. Wurman went into detail on what fans of the series could expect from this new game. “For those that might not be familiar with the series, Gran Turismo has historically been a very challenging game. You either had to be an expert to really enjoy it or willing to put in a lot of practice to become one,” he explained. “This time around, we wanted to make it easier for everyone to get into. We’ve put a lot of effort into the tutorials, and made sure that all the features of the game are accessible to all players.”

Advanced AI Technology

Dr. Wurman also shared that the new game will feature some of Sony AI’s most advanced technology. “We’ve put a lot of effort into the AI portion of the game,” he said. “We want players to be able to race against AI opponents and truly feel that they are in a real-life race. We’ve worked hard to make sure that AI cars are as realistic as possible, and that they respond to your driving with the same level of skill as a professional driver.”

Blur the Lines Between Simulation and Reality

When asked about the goal of the game, Dr. Wurman shared his vision. “We want to blur the lines between what is simulated and what is real,” he said. “That way, our players can have a truly unique and immersive racing experience. We’re also planning on introducing some really cool multiplayer features that will allow players to compete with others, whether they’re racing against each other in-game, or interacting with each other in the online lobbies.”

It’s clear that Gran Turismo is set for a reinvention with Sony AI’s input. With Dr. Wurman at the helm, the new game is sure to be a hit for fans of the series. We can’t wait to see what the future of Gran Turismo holds!


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