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Wolf Among Us Developer Tells Industry to ‘Unionize’ Amid Mass Telltale Layoffs

Wolf Among Us Developer Tells Industry to ‘Unionize’ Amid Mass Telltale Layoffs

The⁢ gaming industry has ‍come under fire in ‍recent times ‌due to the mass layoffs ⁣of the studio Telltale Games. Adam Harrington, the lead voice actor for Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, has ‌argued ‍that ‍game industry​ workers deserve⁢ better treatment. In an open letter​ on his personal blog, Harrington calls for the gaming⁢ industry to unionize.

Harrington outlines why he believes ​unionization is necessary⁣ for ​workers who have little to no protection against ⁤unfair practices. He ⁣makes the point‌ that, although he was fortunate to be included in Telltale’s reorganization plans, the fact that‌ no one ⁣else was so lucky is⁣ “unforgivable”.

Harrington acknowledges that unionization is no ⁢easy feat, given the ⁣decentralized structure of the ⁣gaming industry.‌ However, he ⁣believes it is ⁢the only way to guarantee ⁢workers ​fair ​pay,​ job security, and ⁣a voice that can‍ be heard⁢ amongst the faceless⁤ corporations in the gaming industry. He⁤ urges ⁣game makers, designers, and players alike to come together and “save our industry – from‍ ourselves”.

Harrington’s letter has sparked strong dialogue ‍among gaming industry workers. While unionization seems like a daunting ⁤solution, the alternative – ⁤relying on‌ corporate structures – has ‍proven time and ⁣time again to be impossible ​to ‍rely ⁤on. As the conversation progresses, it will be interesting to see how a union ⁤in ⁤the gaming ‍industry ​would work and the impact it‍ could have on the industry and its workers.


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