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Keywords Acquires Multi-Platform Group from Improbable for Over £76M

Keywords Acquires Multi-Platform Group from Improbable for Over £76M

Leading ​tech and⁤ entertainment group,⁣ Keywords has took ​an important step in the right direction, acquiring the Multi-Platform Group ⁣from Improbable for ‌more than £76M. This​ acquisition marks a major milestone for the Keywords group and will multiply‍ its⁢ capabilities amidst the everchanging landscape⁤ of gaming and the industry as a whole.

With the merger, the Multi-Platform Group will be integrated into Keywords’ services and help the‌ business ‌bolster its advanced ⁤capabilities in game development, including ⁤multiplayer features, cloud services, ‍and data insights, to name a few. Through this ‌marriage of Keywords’ game development expertise and Improbable’s platform expertise, ‌the UK-based group is expected to gain a competitive advantage in the ‍industry.

The move marks the largest ever acquisition made by Keywords and is thought⁢ to be​ a​ shrewd decision, ​helping solidify the‌ group’s‍ credibility and industry ⁣presence. Rob Murphy, CEO of Keywords, had this to say in an​ internal statement:

“This acquisition is‌ an important step ⁤in our ongoing growth and prioritising of our internal talent. We believe that we have the opportunity to truly make a statement in the gaming industry and help create a better gaming future for our clients.”

The acquisition is expected to⁣ be completed in the next few‌ weeks and⁤ aims to establish Keywords as a prominent player in ⁣the industry. With⁢ a focus on⁤ driving the gaming and entertainment markets higher, it’ll be interesting to‍ see if Keywords ‍will be ⁤able to position itself as a leader in the market.


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