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Riot Games Announces 17 OFF//SEASON Events Across Pacific – VALOR2ASIA

Riot Games Announces 17 OFF//SEASON Events Across Pacific – VALOR2ASIA

Riot Games has announced ⁤that they will be‍ hosting 17 OFF//SEASON events across the⁤ Pacific for VALOR2ASIA.‌

The events are part of Riot’s​ global mission to create the very‌ best esports experience for League of Legends​ fans, and this time ⁤it is taking them to the Pacific region. Each event will give viewers‌ the chance to see ⁤top-level League of Legends action live from amazing venues across the region.

The first event will be held in Singapore⁤ from May 11-14, and‌ it will ‍be followed by​ a total of eight more stops in ‍cities across the‍ Pacific. These include​ Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong.

The teams participating in these events will be competing for an incredible prize pool of ‍nearly US$2.2⁢ million, ‌and ⁣the winners will move on to the Festival of Legends in Seoul, Korea. This event will ​have‍ the⁤ four teams who have‍ made it ‌through the OFF//SEASON ‌Events ‌battle it ⁣out in a best-of-five to decide the region’s champion.

The events themselves will feature⁢ some of ⁤the best League of Legends teams in the world. These include EDG, RNG, KT​ Rolster, ⁢Afreeca Freecs, Griffin, and more. The prize pool promises to be the biggest yet for a Pacific tournament, and viewers can look forward ​to some amazing ⁢League of Legends action⁣ from the best teams in the world.

The announcement of these events is a great reminder that Riot Games‍ is fully committed to​ investing in the growth of the ‍Pacific region’s esports scene. This commitment is evident in the⁤ support for these events, and it will be exciting​ to see the participants as they try to make it ‌to the top.

For League of Legends fans in the Pacific region, these ⁢events provide a great ‍opportunity to cheer‍ on their favorite ‌teams and players in person. Riot Games’ commitment to bring the best of esports to the Pacific is a clear ‌signal that the ⁣region is ready for growth in the esports arena.


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