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LoL Worlds 2023: Play-In Stage Schedule and Results Revealed

LoL Worlds 2023: Play-In Stage Schedule and Results Revealed

The ⁤Play-In stages ⁢of the 2023‍ League of Legends (LoL) World Championship ⁣is‍ underway, with the group results and schedule ⁢already revealed. Fans can look ‌forward to a thrilling month of knock-out matches, culminating in the grand final of the tournament held in the Jiang Huo Stadium, Taipei City.

After two weeks ⁣of intense play, teams across four regions have⁢ determined the eight teams that will join⁢ the top four from the ​2020 LoL World Championship in the main ​game. The eight teams that advanced from the ⁣Play-In stage are: Cloud9 from North America, FunPlus Phoenix from LPL, Machi Esports from PCS, LGD Gaming from LPL, Pentanet GG from OCE, Unicorns of Love from the LCL, V3 Esports from the LJL, and⁣ Rainbow7 from the LLA.

The Play-In groups for LoL Worlds 2023 were drawn⁢ as follows: Group A consists of FunPlus Phoenix​ (LPL),⁣ Cloud9 (LCS), Unicorns of Love (LCL), ‌and ⁣V3 Esports (LJL); Group B has⁤ Machi​ Esports (PCS), LGD Gaming (LPL), Pentanet GG (OCE), and Rainbow7 (LLA).

Cloud9 and FunPlus Phoenix dominated their respective groups, winning all three Bo3s‍ and not dropping a single game. LGD Gaming‌ from the LPL⁤ and Machi Esports of the PCS have also‍ secured their spots in the Main Event with a pair of 2-1 victories. ‌

The ‍Play-Ins will resume on November 4, with⁢ the Bo5 knockout matches to decide the seeding for the Main Event. The eight teams that‍ advanced ⁢from the Play-Ins will have to compete against the top four teams from 2020 to secure a ‌spot in​ the prestigious tournament.

The LoL Worlds ​2023 main event will feature the ‌world’s best League of Legends teams from 14 various regions. Check out the group draw and schedule‍ here. Keep abreast of the latest LoL Worlds news‌ and prepare to witness one of the most‌ exciting esports tournaments of the year!


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