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Forbes Warns of Naughty Dog’s Narrative Imbalance in ‘The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered

Forbes Warns of Naughty Dog’s Narrative Imbalance in ‘The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered

Naughty‍ Dog’s newest‍ “The Last Of ⁣Us Part 2 Remastered” ​has done something few ⁢video games have ever done before, bring ⁣a unique‍ and rewarding ⁤single player narrative to the gaming world.

Unfortunately for fans, Forbes recently warned ⁣of the game suffering from⁣ a narrative‌ imbalance. The game ⁤portrays a strong protagonist ⁣and antagonist story, however, one contains much more depth and nuance than⁢ the other.

Forbes‍ noted that the majority of the characters, including protagonist​ and antagonist, have little to no development. As a result, the narrative loses its emotional appeal, and readers are treated to a more surface-level experience.

The publication cites the ⁤game’s “too short cutscenes perpetuating Avengers-style summer blockbuster storytelling” as ​a‍ main source of the game’s lack of depth. ⁢Forbes explains these scenes are “focused on ‘awe’ rather than ⁢’story’, which​ can leave players feeling ​disconnected from the ⁣characters over the course of the ​action.”

In ‍addition,⁤ Forbes expressed concern over the title’s depiction ‌of violence; they quote Christopherktz, who has worked on the game, as saying: ”We went​ way too far ‍in making violence entertaining ‍and were not thoughtful enough with our narrative choices.”

Forbes concluded their article ⁣with⁤ a ‌call for Naughty Dog to do better next time, offering advice such as giving greater attention to “thematic⁤ resonance” and “character development” to ensure their narratives are more balanced.

Overall, The Last Of Us Part⁣ II was a highly successful yet still somewhat lacking game. ‍While the title set the standard ​for next-generation gaming with its unparalleled facial ‌animations and ⁤combat mechanics, its narrative fell slightly short for some critics. However, given⁢ the overwhelmingly⁣ positive reception, we⁢ can ⁤hope⁣ that Naughty ​Dog will take Forbes’ advice ⁤into the heart and make their future titles even better.


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