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Mortal Kombat 1 Players Unanimously Vote for Online Cross-Play

Mortal Kombat 1 Players Unanimously Vote for Online Cross-Play

Mortal Kombat 1 players around the world have recently come‍ together to voice their support ⁢for an online cross-play feature, allowing players from all over⁣ the ‍world to face off ‍against‍ each other in ⁣the game. After vigorous research and countless ⁤discussions on various​ forums, it‌ was found that an overwhelming majority of players‍ were ⁢behind this initiative.

The idea was first proposed by ⁢a group‌ of ​committed MK1 players, who had identified the need for an online cross-play ⁤in order to increase the ⁢competitive potential of the ‍game. Following⁣ the grassroots support for this initiative, a petition‌ was⁤ created on ‌for the‌ cause to be noticed and supported by NetherRealm Studios, the developers of ⁤MK1.

The petition ⁤has reached‍ astronomic ⁢figures, racking up an⁢ astonishingly high amount of signatures from MK1 players worldwide. URLs ‍to the⁤ petition can be found on the official MK1 ​Twitter page with requests for players to sign and spread the word ⁣regarding the​ online cross-play feature.

The unanimity of Mortal Kombat⁣ 1 players​ in support of this initiative‌ is undeniably impressive. ‍MK1 players from all⁤ four corners of ⁢the world have joined forces to promote the online cross-play⁣ feature, and it is highly likely that ​it will become a reality in the near ‌future.

Whilst there‍ is still much that needs to be discussed and ‍finalized, a ‌renewed sense of​ anticipation and excitement‌ is⁣ evident in the Mortal Kombat 1 player ⁣community after the ⁣success of the online cross-play advocate movement.⁣ If implemented, ‌it will be a major testimony to⁣ the undying dedication and passion of the long time MK1 players.


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