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Warzone Fans Call for the Removal of “Cringey” Urzikstan Introduction

Warzone Fans Call for the Removal of “Cringey” Urzikstan Introduction

Written byGuest Contributor

The⁢ 2020 release of Activision’s Call of‌ Duty: Warzone sparked a passionate ⁤fanbase ‌eager to take part in the post‌ launch content. However, there’s been one thing fans ​have been asking for that no one saw coming; the removal of a⁢ somewhat “cringey” Urzikstan introduction.

The intro video was released as part ⁣of the ⁢Warzone launch trailer, and goes into detail about the allotted backstory ⁣for this new in-game setting. The piece details how the fictional Islamic middle-eastern state⁤ of ⁤Urzikstan‍ was recently ⁣brought ‌into conflict with a global superpower after a terror attack. However, fans have taken issue with the overly simplistic and sometimes clumsy way in which the background of the Urzikstan situation⁣ is framed.

This is especially true around its characterizations of the Urzikstan citizens and their claimed cultural values. As one fan put it, “There’s so much about ⁤the⁢ history ‌of this state and‌ the characters that just feels like it was ⁤written by people not from here. It’s a great concept, but its ham-fisted execution is painful to watch”.

Plenty of other members of the ⁣Warzone community expressed similar opinions. They expressed that as ‌a vehicle for narrative, the brief introduction has left the ⁤world of Urzikstan feeling shallow and uninspired as opposed to the ⁤columns of extensive⁤ and detailed history ⁢that ⁢games like Red Dead Redemption 2 render in impressive detail. This has caused some to question the ​motives of Activision in choosing to create such ⁤a ‍characteristically loaded narrative.

It’s not all⁢ bad though, as‌ many fans have ​rallied to defend the introduction. Their arguments revolve around the‍ need for the more subtle tale of Urzikstan as a way of ensuring the lacuna of understanding that‍ accompanies such a complex historical⁣ situation isn’t fully realized. The idea is that by keeping the ‌narrative of the intro video obfuscated, the player would be able to develop ⁢their⁣ own relationship with‌ the in-game‌ understanding ​of Urzikstan, a relationship that’s more personal and immersive.

Whether Activision will heed the cries of their fanbase and move to remove the Urzikstan introduction remains to be seen. ​All it takes is a quick scroll through the Warzone forum to realize how ‌integral the ⁣game’s fan base is to the experience as a ​whole. It’s almost certain​ Activision will be keen to appease their most dedicated followers first ⁢and foremost, and⁤ if the cri the cries of their fanbase come through, the intro video may soon be a thing‌ of the past.


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