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Goodwill Warriors: Players Join Forces to Keep Henry Kissinger Away

Goodwill Warriors: Players Join Forces to Keep Henry Kissinger Away

Goodwill warriors from around the​ world⁣ have​ come together to keep Henry ​Kissinger, United States (US) President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial secretary of state nominee, away from ⁤the public eye.

Kissinger, a ⁢former National Security Advisor and‍ Secretary of ​State, has ⁢long been the target of protesters for his⁣ complicity in orchestrating US military invasions in foreign countries. He is also⁤ accused of promoting US intervention in countries like Chile, Vietnam and Cambodia that led to civilian deaths. As a result, some of the governments of these countries have sought‍ to prevent Kissinger from entering their countries.

In an ⁤effort to prevent Kissinger from assuming his post, people have mobilized to raise ⁢awareness about the ​political implications of appointing him to the Trump administration. Demonstrations have been held in the ⁣US and around the​ world, with some taking ⁣to social media to⁤ spread their message.

Kissinger’s⁤ nomination has ⁣also spurred individuals to take action to keep him away from public gatherings, meetings⁢ and international conferences. Goodwill warriors have organized virtual events to share ⁢their opposition to Kissinger’s nomination and coordinate strategies to make sure he does not attend important​ events⁤ or assumed his​ post.

In the ongoing battle against Kissinger’s nomination, prominent groups ⁤like Avaaz, ⁤Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch​ have published numerous reports on the human ⁣rights violations⁤ Kissinger has been responsible for and advocated for other states to ban him from entering their countries. Even people like​ Bernie Sanders and Noam Chomsky have‌ spoken out against his nomination and raised awareness of the moral and ethical⁢ issues associated with the appointment.

Goodwill warriors are encouraging people to continue to voice their opposition to Kissinger’s nomination in order to keep him away from public events and ​assume a position ‌of influence.


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