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TinyBuild Accrues Financial Struggles, Leads to Layoffs

TinyBuild Accrues Financial Struggles, Leads to Layoffs

Video game publisher ⁤and developer TinyBuild recently released a statement that revealed the company had experienced financial struggles, leading to layoffs within the team. TinyBuild has seen success with its games, having published titles ⁤such as ⁣Hello Neighbor and Party Hard, ‍but the struggle with the current economic climate has caused them to have to make hard ‍decisions.

“The effect ⁤of the coronavirus pandemic⁤ of 2020 has been⁢ devastating to⁢ the entire ⁣gaming‌ industry,‌ and TinyBuild has not​ been immune,” reads the statement. TinyBuild laid off 30 people in⁣ the U.S. and Europe in order to focus on “core services”, and ⁣while further lay-offs were hinted at, ⁤the company didn’t specify if they would ⁢occur.

The layoffs come at an ​especially difficult time, given that the current pandemic has resulted in a large number of layoffs within the gaming industry, for many different companies. TinyBuild has⁢ stated‌ that they’re working to keep ⁤the remaining team members ‍safe, along with providing the necessary support and‌ resources for those impacted by the layoffs.

The statement, ⁢signed by⁣ TinyBuild’s CEO‌ Alex Nichiporchik,​ continued.“I’m deeply sorry ‍that this had to happen. We are doing‍ everything in our power to jumpstart our growth and safeguard the future of the amazing community we have⁣ built.

Unfortunately, this isn’t ‍the first time that the company has faced trouble. In the past few⁤ years, TinyBuild has ⁢experienced struggles with their published​ games, leading to further layoffs. Despite the troubles, it would‌ appear that the company is committed to staying afloat and pushing out further successful games.


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