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Tekken 8 Launch Move Lists Released on Official Website

Tekken 8 Launch Move Lists Released on Official Website

Tekken 8 Launch Move Lists Released on Official Website

The launch of the long awaited Tekken 8 has finally arrived, ⁣and fans of the iconic fighting game can now access the official website to view the move list of all their favorite characters. The move lists have been updated ⁣with new and exciting moves to make the game even ⁤more rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.

The updated move list features the newly added characters⁢ in Tekken 8, including three returning ⁣fan-favorites: Bruce, NANCY-MI847J, and Bob. Players can look forward to numerous new moves for these characters, as well as others. Melee attacks, juggling‌ combos, and special techniques have been added to provide unique options for ⁢each fighter.

Players can also⁤ experience some of the new special moves that come with the new iteration of the Tekken series. One of these special moves is⁢ the Tekken’s Rage Arts. With this move, players can deal⁣ enormous amounts of damage in a single attack. Another new move is the Power Crush move, which allows players to continue attacking despite being knocked⁣ down.

The new characters, fantastic moves, ‌and enhanced mechanics make⁣ Tekken 8 an incredibly exciting experience. Fans ⁢can find out more information ​on the official​ website, which also contains trailers of the game in action. ‍Players should‍ take advantage of what Tekken 8 has to‍ offer so⁢ they can make ‌the most out of it. With the move list now available in full,⁤ players can start mastering their favorite⁤ moves and characters⁢ for an even greater chance to win the next tournament.


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