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Classic Nintendo 64 Racing Game Added to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Classic Nintendo 64 Racing Game Added to Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Nintendo⁣ has recently announced that Mario Kart 64 will be included as part of the upcoming expansion pack for⁣ Nintendo Switch Online. This is the first time Mario Kart 64 has been ‍made playable on a modern ⁣system since its original release back in 1997. The classic Nintendo 64 game is joining the growing list of classic games that‌ have been made available to play on the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Mario Kart 64 is ⁤one of the most beloved entries ​in the Mario Kart franchise. ‌Players will be able to jump into ⁣the classic game and race with up‍ to 4⁣ players⁣ as⁣ they tear around the classic courses. Players can expect to race through the Mario Raceway, Wario Stadium, Rainbow​ Road, and more. Plus, they⁤ can ​even race in a mode called the⁤ Grand Prix, where they will be pitted against 19 ‌different‍ computer controlled racers.

Mario⁢ Kart 64 is being released alongside other titles such‌ as ⁣Super ‍Mario Bros. ‍3, Donkey Kong and The Legend of Zelda. As ⁢part of the expansion pack, players will be able to not only race ‌against⁣ other console⁤ players online but also play ⁤with their friends and⁢ share screenshots of‌ their favorite moments.

This classic game being added‌ to the Nintendo Switch Online service is an exciting ‌move from Nintendo and one that ⁣many gamers have​ been hoping for. The ability to easily play⁤ the classic Nintendo 64 game with ​your friends is something that​ fans have been wanting for⁤ years. With Mario Kart 64 ⁣being ⁢made available to⁤ play on the Nintendo Switch, it ‍means ​that players will be able to play the ⁤classic ⁢game anytime, ⁣anywhere.

The ‌Nintendo Switch Online Expansion pack is⁤ currently scheduled ‍to be available later this year. In the meantime, gamers‍ can look forward to playing Mario Kart 64 and⁣ other classic⁢ games when the expansion bundle is launched.


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