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NRG’s Apex Legends Rosters Splinters as Sweet Bids Farewell to ALGS

NRG’s Apex Legends Rosters Splinters as Sweet Bids Farewell to ALGS

The esports scene surrounding Respawn’s battle royale juggernaut Apex Legends has been​ undergoing a ‍series of roster shuffles ‍recently,⁢ and NRG esports has been no exception. After much speculation concerning the future⁤ of the team’s high profile roster, Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) veteran Sweet has left the NRG family — a move⁣ that has left the organization’s​ Apex Legends lineup in disarray.

It‍ was initially believed that the NRG roster would stay fixed despite⁤ the ever-changing Apex Legends utilized scene, however Sweet’s ​departure has caused the team to rethink their plans and focus ‌heavily on performance. Sweet’s ⁤decision to focus⁤ more on streaming and broadcast an announcement was first met on with skepticism from both ‍the competitive and​ viewer circles, however he has since spoken up further on the move.

As Sweet himself⁢ puts it, “My ⁣decision to leave NRG Esports came down to not wanting‌ to dedicate the time to competing ‌that was expected​ of me. Apex Legends⁤ is a game that requires ⁤a⁤ lot of grinding to stay competitive and I just can’t ‍commit ⁤the hours that are needed to maintain​ the level of success we⁢ had ⁤achieved in the past. It was hard to let go⁣ of the dream of becoming champions of the ALGS, ⁢but⁣ I ⁣felt‌ it⁣ was necessary to⁤ follow my passion while⁤ I still have⁢ time.

He further elaborated on his decision by adding, “NRG will remain a family to me,‌ and no matter what happens in the future I’m happy to have my name attached to such a great org. I’d like to thank‌ NRG for the opportunity to compete at the ALGS, ​and I wish them all the best for the future‌ of Apex Legends”.

Sweet’s departure leaves NRG’s Apex​ Legends‌ roster in disarray, with veterans Baas and MoNsTcR becoming the most notable names on the remaining⁢ lineup.⁣ It is unclear what⁣ the organization’s next ⁣move will be, lacking any confirmation on possible replacements as‍ of the moment.

As for ‌the ALGS, Sweet’s​ departure will ‌not have a visible impact on the​ competition, with ‍the 2020 season ⁢already over. The world championship ended in​ April with a giant win for underdog team Solary, who managed to take down the champion title as well as ‍the grand prize.

As for the competitive Apex Legends scene, fans ​and esports ‌enthusiasts alike can only​ wait and see how the future of the​ play proceeds. ​The ⁤uncertainty surrounding NRG’s roster may remain until⁣ the imminent return of ALGS, however there ​is no denying the impact⁣ that Sweet’s ‌departure had on the org, and his affection towards⁢ the ‍team.


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