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Kratos Loses His Edge: ‘God of War’ Creator Weighs In

Kratos Loses His Edge: ‘God of War’ Creator Weighs In

The creator of the iconic God of⁢ War video game series, ​David Jaffe, ‍revealed recently that the series’ protagonist Kratos has lost some of​ his edge in the recent ‍entries. In​ an interview with the ⁢gaming⁣ magazine Game Informer, Jaffe suggested that Kratos has become a relatively “nice guy” in the newer games.

“Kratos has changed a lot. I mean in⁢ the God​ of War⁣ III,⁤ you​ have a very ⁣angry ⁢character. Someone who is ​really, really​ vengeful and someone who doesn’t accept his own mistakes,” Jaffe said.

“But now, in the newer ⁢ God of War ‍game, we don’t have the same⁢ Kratos. He’s accepted⁣ his mistakes and he’s moved on with his life. He’s become more sensible and‍ caring to his son and to others in general. ⁢He’s become more of a ‘nice guy.’

He continued: “Kratos has obviously softened, and to be honest I think he needed to. Games can become repetitive, and it ​makes it more interesting ⁢when‌ characters really evolve and change.”

Jaffe ‌further elaborated that the developers had to make sure that Kratos’ transformation wasn’t abrupt, as it would have been too much of a‌ dramatic change for‌ fans. Thus, they took a more⁤ gradual⁤ approach, with him showing ⁢more kindness and sympathy over time.

“One of the hardest things was making sure the⁤ transformation wasn’t‌ too fast. Every journey needs to‌ have‍ a beginning, a middle,‍ and a⁣ climax. We started ⁢off⁣ slowly, allowing Kratos to reveal more and more⁢ of himself, ‌and then we took it to another level.”

Jaffe concluded by saying he believed that Kratos has indeed lost some of his edge,‍ but that this⁤ was necessary in ⁤order ⁤to make the game more enjoyable and interesting. He also⁣ expressed his hope that fans would ‌accept ‍the ​change and continue to ‌enjoy the series.


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