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Surprising Japanese Voice Lines Discovered by Overwatch 2 Players for Widowmaker

Surprising Japanese Voice Lines Discovered by Overwatch 2 Players for Widowmaker

Overwatch 2 players got a surprise‌ when playing Widowmaker recently⁢ — they‍ discovered Japanese voice lines. It ‍turns out that Blizzard added‍ Japanese voice lines to⁤ the game without any fanfare, giving fans of Widowmaker a chance to hear some of the best hero lines in a completely new way.

The voice lines cover all of Widowmaker’s ⁢regular abilities and emotes, so there’s plenty⁢ to choose from. There are some ‍variations ‍from ‍the English-language version. For example, Widowmaker’s ultimate line in Japanese is “I will take ​you down with my⁤ sniper,” which⁢ is much cooler than the English version, which is just “Take ’em down.” The Widowmaker voice actress, who goes by the name of Eri Kitamura, reported that she was in the studio recording these lines.

The new voice lines have been greeted with ‍positive ⁤reactions by Overwatch 2 players. Most ‌people find⁣ them to be ⁤great additions to the game, as they offer a fresh twist on Widowmaker’s legendary lines. ⁣It’ll ​be interesting to see if Blizzard adds Japanese voice lines for other characters ⁤in the game.

Some ⁤people have questioned why Blizzard would go⁢ to the effort of ‍adding Japanese voice lines without making ⁤any kind of announcement. It’s possible that Blizzard ‍is testing out different language versions to see which ones do the best. If the Japanese version proves ⁤to be ⁤popular, then ‌we could see Blizzard roll out more languages in the future.

There’s certainly plenty of potential⁢ for Japanese voice lines in‍ Overwatch 2. Fans of the series can look forward to ⁢hearing‌ even ⁤more of their favorite characters in a completely new way.


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