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LCS Champion Support Taking Their Talents to the LEC in 2024

LCS Champion Support Taking Their Talents to the LEC in 2024

In a recent‌ announcement, 2022 League of Legends‍ Championship Series (LCS)⁣ champions in ‍the ​support role ⁣have signed on‌ to take their ⁢skills over to Europe’s League of Legends European Championship ‍(LEC) in ‍2024. The move is a giant leap forward for not ⁤only the LCS but also for those looking to gain exposure on‍ the international stage.

The supporting players, both in ‍and out‍ of ‌the LCS⁢ have been hailed as the league’s most promising players and as a result, they’ve been signed to the prestigious​ international league. The move ⁤will break down the ⁣long-standing barrier between the two leagues, giving American fans a better chance to experience elite-level competitive‌ gaming.‌ The shift is a much-needed ⁢breath of⁣ fresh​ air to the burgeoning esports scene​ and could potentially create new, exciting⁢ league dynamics.

This news is incredibly ⁢exciting for fans of the LCS, ⁢especially for those who have been following the success of the ‌supporting players. Since‍ the⁣ inception of the ⁢LCS, viewers have seen some of the world’s most exceptional players in action, honing their skills and rising to the top. Now, the league can look forward to ‌the‌ players taking their talents to the European stage, showcasing their hard work ‍and furthering the LCS’s already impressive repertoire.

The move does not‌ come without its risks, however, as the stakes in the LEC ⁤are much higher than in the LCS. This could potentially create a rocky ⁢adjustment period for those ​players.⁤ But with the new arrivals coming from⁤ a world-renowned league, they are sure⁣ to‍ be up ⁢for ⁣the challenge and put the‌ LEC on notice.

The players heading to Europe are no strangers to success, and they’ll be sure to make an impact in the LEC. With luck, these superstars can help create a stronger bond between ​the two leagues and lead to more exciting, competitive matches in the future.


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