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Surprising Japanese Voice Lines Discovered by Overwatch 2 Players for Widowmaker

Overwatch 2 players got a surprise‌ when playing Widowmaker recently⁢ — they‍ discovered Japanese voice lines. It ‍turns out that Blizzard added‍ Japanese voice lines to⁤ the game without any fanfare, giving fans of Widowmaker a chance to hear some…

Auction Alert: Entire Japanese VALORANT Team Up For Sale

Auction ‍Alert: Entire ⁤Japanese VALORANT Team Up For Sale The entire Japanese VALORANT team ‍is up for sale in an auction taking place⁢ this‍ weekend. The⁢ team⁤ of five players, Omniscent, Shinken, ‍Hayabusa,‌ Ninjya, and Sora, have been playing together…