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MW3 to Feature Remastered MW2 Maps – Leaked Insider Report

MW3 to Feature Remastered MW2 Maps – Leaked Insider Report

Activision’s upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video game is rumored to feature the remastered maps of⁣ its predecessor Modern Warfare​ 2, as per a new leaked insider report. ⁣In the report, the source stated that Infinity Ward is looking to bring full integration of their 2010 title’s maps into Modern Warfare 3. The original maps ⁤were reportedly given a graphical overhaul to bring them up to modern ⁣standards.

Modern Warfare 2 maps like Afghan, Terminal, ‌Scrapyard, and‍ Rust, among others, were included ‌in the original game⁤ as both small-scale maps due to ​the limited hardware of the time. Infinity Ward’s decision to remaster the Modern Warfare 2 maps for MW3 ⁣follows ‌recent gaming trends of older titles receiving remakes.

This move also adds⁣ to the existing⁢ connection between the two games. Aside ​from the remastered ‍maps, it’s speculated ⁢that Modern Warfare 3 will feature a storyline that ties in the two titles. This is currently only a rumor, however, and it ‍remains to be seen​ whether these claims are true.

Regardless, the inclusion of Modern Warfare 2’s maps in Modern⁢ Warfare ⁣3 would be a welcomed addition to the CoD franchise. Fans of ​the 2010 ⁣game are⁣ sure to appreciate a return to their favorite maps in a modernized version.


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