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Starfield Players Unearth Surprising ‘Halo’ Easter Egg

Starfield Players Unearth Surprising ‘Halo’ Easter Egg

Starfield Players⁣ have discovered a fascinating Easter​ Egg‌ in the recently released “Halo” video game. While exploring one of the game’s level, players ‍discovered a secret message hidden‍ within a wall. A closer look⁣ reveals a ⁣symbol that looks like an‌ eagle with an ‌inscription beneath it that reads “Mourning Eve”.

Upon further investigation, dedicated ⁢”Halo” fans ‌quickly understood⁢ that the message is⁣ actually an allusion to the series’ iconic character, Cortana. The words “Mourning ⁢Eve” refer to the date on which the artificial intelligence was‌ born. Fans think that it’s​ a subtle nod from the developers ​to commemorate the series’ historical character.

This discovery has sent chills down the players’ spines, who have been running ⁤forums​ and discussion‍ boards to ‌figure out‍ the meanings​ of ⁢the message. Upon further⁢ inspection, they found out that the eagle symbol represents the game’s protagonist, Master Chief. It is even‍ believed that the ⁤inscription was previously mentioned in the game’s novel, Halo: The Fall of Reach. One theory could be that the secondary message is pointing out to the fact that⁢ Master Chief is the only one who can truly understand and appreciate Cortana.

Whichever​ interpretation players end up settling on, it’s ⁢safe to say that the Easter egg discovery will rally the⁢ game’s ⁣fans and spark⁤ interesting conversations about ⁢its lore. It will ⁢also likely result in other hidden Easter egg discoveries in the future.


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