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MkLeo Shares His Thoughts on the Upcoming Smash Game, Motivation & Steve

MkLeo Shares His Thoughts on the Upcoming Smash Game, Motivation & Steve

MkLeo, one of the most dominant Super ​Smash Bros. players‌ in the world, has​ recently ⁤spoken⁣ about the ⁣upcoming ​Super Smash‌ Bros. game. He weighed in‍ on the game’s ⁤potential, the importance of motivation, and ⁤Steve from the Minecraft⁢ DLC.

MkLeo ⁢had high hopes for the upcoming game. He‍ mentioned how exciting it is to⁢ have “the games announced this early and the potential for it to be really good.” He also talked about how the ‌gameplay could potentially be improved, with more⁤ “fluid combos and more options in neutral.”

MkLeo emphasized the importance ​of⁣ motivation in⁤ being a ⁢successful player. ​“If‌ you’re always taking the losses and not trying to⁢ get better, then ⁤it will⁣ be very hard to ⁣improve,”⁣ he said. “So, it’s important⁣ to stay motivated and ‍keep pushing yourself.”

Despite his ‍enthusiasm for the ‍game, he⁣ cautioned against getting too ‌hyped up⁤ for the title. He ‌said, “We⁢ need to keep our ⁢minds open and not‌ get ‌too caught‍ up in what we see ‌right now.” Instead, he⁢ said,⁢ the focus should be on “striving to improve ourselves each and every‍ day.”

As for the newly announced Steve character, ‌MkLeo said that ⁢it was “cool to see something new ⁢in Smash, and I’m sure it’ll be ⁣interesting.”‌ He ⁤believed that the⁢ character⁣ could “change up a⁢ lot of the ‌dynamics in the game,” but⁢ his ultimate opinion on the character was⁢ that “only time will tell.”

In conclusion, MkLeo had plenty of positive things to say about the upcoming Smash game. He was also very mindful of the importance of⁤ motivation ⁤to improve, as well ‌as keeping‌ an open mind about new characters introduced in the game. These insights​ from one ⁢of the game’s most prominent ​players will surely be an important point of⁢ discussion for Smash ‌fans in the​ months to come.


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