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Hatoful Boyfriend Creator Denounces Epic Games for Unpaid Royalties

Hatoful Boyfriend Creator Denounces Epic Games for Unpaid Royalties

Hatoful⁤ Boyfriend creator, Hato Moa, has gone on‍ record to express her‍ outrage ​at the way Epic Games has handled royalties from the ​sales of Hatoful Boyfriend on their platform. ‍In a fiery blog post and‌ series of Tweets,‌ the Japanese ‍writer and video game designer has highlighted the⁢ perceived lack of payment for her work on the game.

“For two full years, I have received no royalties from my work ​on Hatoful Boyfriend from Epic Games,” wrote Moa in her blog ​post. “I’ve asked Epic Games for an explanation, but they’ve ignored⁢ me. I’m extremely disappointed and frustrated by their failure to compensate me ⁣for my work.”

Moa believes that Epic Games⁢ should not use “ignorance or ​bureaucracy” ⁤as an excuse for not paying up, ‌noting that other developers have been ​given ⁤royalties without much hassle. She also states that regardless of the legal details of the ⁤agreement between her and Epic, she should still be ⁢compensated for ⁢her work‌ as it overlaps with the time Epic ‍was‌ selling her game.

Epic⁢ Games has yet to respond⁤ to Moa’s allegations. However, the company has been criticised in the past for its treatment of developers, with many believing the company to be unfair in its dealings with them. Moa’s case is⁤ the latest in⁢ a​ series of complaints from developers concerning unpaid royalties.

Meanwhile, the creator of​ the indie-hit game​ is remaining optimistic, despite her current⁤ situation. In ‍her final words​ in her post, Moa writes, “I know there are a lot⁢ of good people at ⁤Epic who care about the right thing, and that eventually I’ll be⁢ paid what I’m⁤ owed. All I want is ⁣to be fairly ⁢compensated for my hard work.”


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