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Splatoon 3 Gets a Major Update – Version 4.1.0 Patch Notes

Splatoon 3 Gets a Major Update – Version 4.1.0 Patch Notes

The wait ‌is finally ⁢over- Splatoon 3⁣ has received a major update ⁣numbered 4.1.0.

This new ⁢update is filled with‌ features that‍ all Splatoon 3 players have‍ been eagerly waiting for, and is​ a⁤ hefty download, weighing‍ in ⁣at around 500MB.

It brings a variety of new ⁢content and gameplay additions‍ to the ⁣game, including⁢ but ​not​ limited‌ to:

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  • Level-up ⁢System ‌– Players⁣ can ⁣now increase their​ level and interact⁢ with their ⁢friends or other players on their team.
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  • New weapons⁤ – This update ⁣introduces⁤ a ‌whole new⁢ lineup of weapons to choose from, with various levels of⁣ rarity.
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  • Team Matchmaking –⁣ Team matchmaking​ has ⁢been⁤ added ‍so players can quickly ⁣and⁤ easily join⁢ teams.
  • New Levels – Nine ‍new levels have ​been added, bringing some ⁤of the most difficult enemies ⁤ever seen‍ in ‌Splatoon 3.
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  • Inkling ‍Challenge – Compete ⁤against other players in ⁤the⁢ Inkling‌ Challenge, where the winner⁢ earns special ​rewards.

  • New Modes ‌– A variety of new ​game ⁣modes ‌have been added, ⁤including ⁤the ever-popular Turf War.

These new features and ⁣more make ​Splatoon⁣ 3⁤ even more exciting and challenging ⁢than ‌before, making it⁣ the must-have ⁤game⁣ of the ⁣summer.

For⁣ more ​information, players⁣ can ​visit the official​ Splatoon 3‌ website where ‌they ⁣can check ​out ​the patch notes and view all the ⁣changes in ⁢full.


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