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Returning to Scotland with Scarlet Regrets: DirtFish Reflection

Returning to Scotland with Scarlet Regrets: DirtFish Reflection

Returning to Scotland with Scarlet Regrets: DirtFish Reflection

Scotland is a unique and beautiful country. I had the pleasure of visiting the land of misty moors and rolling mountains for the first time during a trip to Dirtfish, a professional performance rally school. The visit marked the end of a mission that began with the hopes of me becoming a rally driver and living out the dreams I harbored as a child.

The experience of being at Dirtfish from start to finish was breathtaking. From the warm hospitality of the staff to the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes — I truly felt as if I were in my element. Visiting the school also made me more in tune with the driving style of rally cars, allowing me to become more confident and in full control of the car.

After spending two weeks at Dirtfish, practicing and taking the courses necessary for me to receive my FIA Grade C rally license, I felt the bright future I had seen before me had become a reality. I was ready to go back to Scotland excitedly and become the driver I dreamed I could be.

However, fate stepped in and all the progress I made came to a devastating halt. Weeks after returning home to Scotland, the COVID-19 pandemic took full effect and suddenly my future as a rally driver was thrown into jeopardy. This pandemic impacted me emotionally and financially, leaving me with scarlet regrets for the opportunities I lost.

I may never get the chance to pursue my driving dream, but I am grateful for the brief time spent at Dirtfish and the memories I have of my visit. Despite the disappointments of the pandemic, I am left with the fond memories of the beautiful north of Scotland and the wonderful hospitality Dirtfish provided. For that, I am extremely thankful.


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